We are a family company which began its activity from growing mushrooms, over twenty years ago. Currently we have 500m2 of production area, which is equipped with full automatic air-condition systems. That enables us to produce mushrooms over the whole year, even in the hottest summer months. Our main products are common mushrooms which are picked by hand. During harvest mushrooms are classified according to its size and quality and packed in accordance with the client order.


The company has two delivery trucks which are suitably adapted to mushrooms’ transportation. The trucks enables us to transport mushrooms in appropriate conditions and what is the most important, to provide our contractors with  just in time deliveries. Thank to the trucks, fresh mushrooms are easily and quickly carried from the producers.
The company is reliable partner both for the mushrooms’ supplier and for contractors that we cooperate with. Close cooperation with the mushrooms’ producers enable us to supply our contractors with healthy mushrooms of good quality.

For our suppliers and contractors, we offer:

• Stable receipt and deliveries of mushrooms
• Flexible terms of payments
• Solid orders fulfillment
• Competitive prices
• Mushrooms of good quality
• Just in time deliveries